Product Overview

Combines modern aesthetics with the trusted features of our Classic™ Workstations, all while being budget-friendly.

Product Benefits

Embrace™ Intermediate Wall Mounted Computer Workstation is 6in (15cm) with fixed monitor and secure CPU storage, cable management, KB and Mouse storage

Standard Features

  • Attractive two compartment contemporary design jut 6″ in depth.
  • Upper enclosed compartment is specially designed to store CPUs behind a locked door.
  • Ventilation provides continuous air flow to protect equipment from overheating.
  • Lower compartment folds down to provide caregivers with a spacious and comfortable workstation.
  • Unique keyboard and mouse storage allows the keyboard and mouse to dock automatically when the worksurface is closed.
  • Worksurface designed to hold 400 lbs.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Ships fully assembled.

Product Features

  • Fully EnclosedFully Enclosed
  • Flushed MountFlushed Mount
  • KeyKey
  • 5-7" Intermediate5-7" Intermediate

Color Options


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